tms therapy

Does TMS Therapy Really Work? Santa Monica CA

Magnetic pulses are created by the TMS Therapy system using the same magnetic fields as those generated by MRI machines. The treatment coil is positioned on the patient’s head above the left prefrontal cortex, which controls mood. These fields are focused there. 

Benefits of TMS Therapy

  • TMS Therapy can fix hard-to-treat depression
  • TMS Therapy can fix hard-to-treat OCD.
  • TMS Therapy can provide a safe, FDA approved alternative to therapy 

What to Expect with TMS Therapy 

At our office, our TMS Coordinator will arrange for you to meet with our TMS physician, who will create a treatment plan based on your medical history and symptoms if this is the appropriate course of action. 

If it’s determined that you need Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, we will usually be able to schedule sessions shortly – typically within weeks of your initial phone call to our office. 

TMS Therapy Near Me 

Are you interested in TMS therapy services? Contact our office today to make your appointment, and discuss your treatment options. Help is just a phone call away.